Let’s Dissolve Your Fear and Unworthiness.

So You Can Think Clearly. Act Decisively.

And Pivot Back Into Your Power.



In these changing times you’re discovering a sobering truth.

You have less control over certain dynamics than you thought you did, right?

  • Maybe your practice or business was forced to shut down due to C19.
  • Or your relationship is strained from sheltering-in-place. And you’re about to go batty. 
  • Or the panic attacks you once kept at bay are coming back with a vengeance.

If any of this feels like you, I’m here to help you through it.

I know what it’s like to lose your center — and then find it again.

That’s why I created the Soul-Esteem Hypnotherapy System™ just for you. 

It expands your consciousness — and dissolves your fear, anxiety and unworthiness at the source.

So you’re finally free to …

  • Think clearly and respond decisively, no matter what kind of chaos is going on around you.
  • Find your center so you’re calm and grounded, especially now when you need it the most.
  • Feel clear-headed and creative, with plenty of energy for that passion project you’ve longed to complete. 
  • Decode the intuitive guidance that’s always showing you your best next step.
  • Stand strong in your conviction because now you know the deepest purpose of your life.

The truth is, you were born for these times.

It’s time to find out how powerful you are when you have support — and all your resources are working for you.



Sharon Desjarlais, PLSRt, BLSRt 
Creator of the Soul-
Hypnotherapy System


Discover Your Deepest Calling


Dissolve Your Hidden Blocks


 Embrace the Empowered “YES!”

“Clients are easily finding me and saying YES to the transformation I offer. I’m having $1,000+ days! I now have a deep sense of peace and satisfaction. I’m much more confident sharing my message. And I’m making more money with less work. So I have more time to play.”

Alison Elsberry, AlisonElsberry.com

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Sharon Desjarlais is an award-winning coach and hypnotherapist who specializes in helping women become lucky, even at the most unlikely times. 

Founder of Access Your Destiny and creator of the Soul-Esteem Hypnotherapy System™, she guides women into an expanded state of consciousness where they naturally dissolve fear, anxiety and unworthiness.

So they can think clearly. Act decisively. And pivot back into their power.

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